Portable Propane Profile

Who Buys Premium Outdoor Gear?


People who regularly head outdoors.

People who value their outdoor experiences.

People who care about sustainability and climate change.

People with discretionary money to spend.

People you want walking in your front door, daily.

What’s to Know

The Tank

It’s reusable for up to 12 years of zero-waste adventures.

The Process

Just like your BBQ tank. Buy, use, exchange and reuse. 

A giant bag of dark green 1lb propane tanks that were left in Yosemite National Park.

The Future

Imagine the simple beauty of not creating hazardous waste.

If you don’t know these folks, let us help you meet them!

Meet TJ - the dad with two Little Kampers

TJ is married, has two young kids and spends most of his time travelling for work. When he’s got a free weekend, he’s likely to be found somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains camping with his kids. Weekend camping trips are not expensive but TJ is no stranger to the big names in retail sporting goods. As his kids grow, every year he replaces their hiking boots and other outgrown gear. TJ uses 1lb propane tanks because they don’t take up much space in the small car he uses to go camping.

Meet Margot - The super-fan who is also the Queen of the Tailgate

In the world of sports, Margot is a fan’s fan. As a middle-aged single person, Margot is the Queen of her own destiny. For her, that means being a fixture on the tailgate scene when her teams are playing at home. Margot brings passion, purpose, and propane to her tailgate because she’s not going to be slowed down or held back by a finicky charcoal fire. She tailgates 10-15 times a year and typically feeds 3-6 of her friends before the game starts. If there’s a recipe, device, or product that involves the tailgate experience, Margot’s ready to give it a try.

Meet Eric - The Captain of his own destiny (and a nice boat too)!

Captain Eric is living a life we can all envy. A successful business person, he retired young and now spends a lot of his time on the water. His boat is big enough to live aboard and he frequently takes his friends on fishing trips that last for days. Eric loves to cook and he does not love being cold. He uses portable heaters to fight off the chill when things get cold and a Weber BBQ to grill fresh fish when it’s time to eat. Eric’s kids are out of the house and his spouse still works so his days are filled with whatever makes him happy. Like a better way to buy propane where you don’t have to throw away steel tanks.

Meet Staci - the music festival maven who can't camp without cooking!

When it comes to loving music, Staci is an unstoppable force. Her job runs her ragged Monday-Friday but when a weekend music festival arrives on her schedule, she’s ready to roll in no time flat. Her adventure plan includes a Subaru filled with camping gear, food, friends, and her trusty portable camp stove. Staci can afford the cost of her festival ticket because she doesn’t get sucked into the trap of buying expensive food. She’s pretty famous for making great meals for her friends in the festival campground and her annual purchases for gear and supplies are easily topping $300 every time a concert weekend rolls around.

Meet Tim - the weekend RV traveler who travels in style and eats well too!

Tim is a “King of the Road”. He and his wife are frequent visitors at RV campgrounds around the western US. They have no kids at home and plenty of energy for time spent exploring places far and near. Tim has a Weber Q BBQ that he lights up at almost every overnight stop and he’s not cooking hotdogs. They eat as well as they travel and when they need propane, they use Google to find a convenient place to re-supply. When Tim and Lynn see something new they want for their RV, they buy it without hesitation.

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