Propane Safety and the Little Kamper


No matter what fuel you choose, cooking outdoors requires following appropriate safety procedures. Cooking with propane is convenient, easy, and safe when you plan ahead, follow the proper procedures, and always think safety first. Whether you are setting up your weekend kitchen at a campsite or preparing your favorite pre-game meal at a tailgate party, you’ll want to remember and follow these simple safety guidelines.

Keep the safety cap on when the tank is not in use. Many of the problems people have with portable propane tanks result from debris that is trapped between the tank and the device when it gets screwed into place.  

Create a safe cooking area. Whether you are going to light a propane BBQ, camp stove, or any other propane appliance, make a point of creating a zone around your equipment that allows you to work safely. Set up your equipment on a flat surface. Make certain there are no combustible materials immediately nearby.

Visually inspect your equipment before you cook. Look for any damage that may have occurred to your propane BBQ or propane camp stove before you connect your Little Kamper. Inspect your connection points for any debris that needs to be removed before you attach your Little Kamper.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your BBQ, camp stove, lantern, or other appliance. Keep the instructions with the device so that you can refresh your knowledge of the process for safely using your device. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Close all valves before you connect your Little Kamper. Make sure that your appliance is turned off before you connect your Little Kamper refillable propane tank.

Leak test your connection.  You can keep a small pump spray bottle of water mixed with a small amount of dish soap to test the connection between the Little Kamper and your appliance. Set the spray bottle to spray in a stream (not a mist) directly onto the joint between the appliance and the Little Kamper. If you see any bubbles, you have a leak and you’ll need to adjust the connection! Re-test your connection to verify that you have no leaks before you proceed.

Light your device carefully  The ignition process is a critical moment for safety. Follow the instructions for your device carefully. Use the manufacturer’s ignition device if your appliance has an internal ignition source. Be extra careful if you are using matches or a lighter to start your device.

Turn your device off completely  Make certain that when you are finished using your stove, BBQ, or other appliance that you shut it off completely. Double-check the valves before you walk away from the appliance.

Disconnect the Little Kamper when not in use. The best way to keep your tailgate kitchen or campsite safe is to remove the fuel supply from the device when not in use. Connecting and disconnecting the Little Kamper is quick and easy so don’t just shut it down, disconnect it!

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