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 Frequently Asked Questions


Was there a recall for these 1lb refillable cylinders?

Yes. YSN Imports (The parent company of Flameking) has determined that the earliest version of their 1lb  refillable cylinders had a potential problem and they voluntarily recalled the cylinders with serial numbers 000001 – 020800. Some of these cylinders may have been in use for our Little Kamper refillable cylinder exchange. If you have a Little Kamper cylinder with a serial number between 000001 and 020801, please bring it to us for a free replacement. We have replacements ready for our customers – that’s why cylinder exchange makes so much sense for the 1lb refillable users.

We will also provide free replacements for anyone who has purchased a Flameking 1lb refillable cylinder from another retailer. Our stores are open M-F 8 am-5 pm and we’re always happy to help a new customer!

NOTE: If you think your Little Kamper is leaking gas, DO NOT attempt to return it. Leave it in an outdoor location away from any ignition source until you can verify it is no longer leaking gas with a liquid soap leak test. NEVER store a propane cylinder indoors and NEVER attempt to transport a leaking propane cylinder.


Little Kamper Costs and Little Kamper Retailers


How much does the Little Kamper cost?

The purchase price of a pre-filled Little Kamper will depend on the location. Call or visit your local Little Kamper retailer for pricing information.

How much does it cost to refill?

Little Kamper refills are done as an exchange service where you turn in your empty Little Kamper and pay a reduced cost for a replacement that is already refilled. The cost of a Little Kamper exchange will depend on the location. You can find the nearest exchange location on the store listing here.

We’ll also accept identical (Flame King 1lb refillable) tanks in good working condition for exchange but we will not refill 1lb cylinders except in bulk quantities (minimum of 30).

Where can I buy the Little Kamper? Where can I get refills?

Right away, at your local Kamps Propane office. We have 12 offices (here goes – Alpine, Delhi, Dinuba, Hayward, Manteca, Pioneer, Placerville, Ramona, Sacramento, Sonora and Walnut Grove – whew!). We expect that in 2020 there will be additional retail store locations that sell and exchange Little Kamper cylinders.

Using the Little Kamper Tank


How do I know if the Little Kamper will work on my propane stove/BBQ/lantern/lawnmower/weed whip?

The key is what kind of cylinder do you use for the device. 1lb propane tanks are all made with the same size external valve threads so if your device attaches to a 1lb propane tank, it will attach to a Little Kamper. Little Kamper refillable propane tanks are not compatible with backpacking stoves that use butane or isobutane fuel canisters (like Primus, JetBoil and MSR stoves).


How many times can I refill a Little Kamper?

GREAT QUESTION! The Little Kamper is DOT certified for a 12 year service period at the time of manufacturing. Unless the tank is subject to extreme wear and tear, there is no limit to the number of times it can be re-used in that period. If you buy 2 Little Kampers and use them 5 times a year for 10 years, you’ll get 49 refills out of each. You’ll save a bundle on gas and reduce the number of throw-away tanks in our landfills by nearly 100.


Can I refill the tank myself?

You cannot. These tanks are DOT certified for refilling by qualified and licensed propane professionals only. It also requires the use of a proprietary refill valve that CANNOT be safely connected to a 20lb propane cylinder. Please be aware that the correct process for filling Little Kamper cylinders requires training to comply with the National Fire Protection Association (specifically NFPA 58). This training requirement cannot be fulfilled by watching Internet videos.

Disposable 1lb propane tanks are designed to be used once and thrown away (hence the term “disposable”). There are equipment manufacturers who sell refill adapters that are designed to refill these disposable tanks. What these manufacturers don’t explain is that the 1lb disposable propane cylinder is certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (or DOT) as a single-use container. If you refill a disposable 1lb cylinder, you are violating the terms of the DOT certification and the cylinder is no longer legal to transport on public roadways in the U.S. There are HUGE fines associated with this practice.


Can I buy a Little Kamper refill valve?

We do not offer the equipment required to refill a Little Kamper for retail sale. Dispensing propane is hazardous and we only allow trained employees to handle that process. The cost of Little Kamper exchange is deliberately set at an affordable price so that you can save on propane and avoid the hazards of dispensing gas. Leave that to the trained professionals.


Becoming a Little Kamper Retailer


Can I become a Little Kamper retailer?

We are working on the development of the Little Kamper retail network and we want to talk to business owners who are interested in offering Little Kamper refillable propane tanks for retail sale and exchange.

For more information about becoming a Little Kamper retailer, use the attached contact form.