Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Our website address is https://www.LIttleKamper.com.

We are dedicated to the data security of our website visitors and customers. We use Google Analytics to collect data about the demographics of our website visitors and their utilization of our site so that we can improve its functionality and our user’s experience on the site.

We do not collect or share any personally identifiable information about visitors to our website unless a visitor chooses to submit that information.
That information is used for the purpose of helping the person who submits the information. Requests for information from Retailers are assigned to Consultants whom we employ to develop and expand our Retail Program. Our Consultants do not have access to our Retailer Account records or any private financial data related to Retailer Accounts.

We use cookies and anonymous identifiers to gather data about our visitors and that data is processed through Google Analytics, Demographics and Interest Reporting, Remarketing, GDN Impression Reporting, and the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration. None of these systems allow us to collect personally-identifying information.

Users who do not want to be measured may choose to use Google’s Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On.


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