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When it’s time to cook outdoors at your campsite, tailgate or picnic, nothing beats the convenience of a Little Kamper 1lb refillable propane cylinder. Packing nearly 22,000 BTU’s of energy, the Little Kamper 16oz refillable propane tank contains enough propane to run most portable grills and camp stoves for several meals. Small enough to easily pack and versatile enough to power everything from a BBQ to a lantern, the Little Kamper refillable LP cylinder is an essential part of your outdoor cooking experience.


What Makes the Little Kamper Refillable 1lb Propane Tank Special?

  • It Saves Money – Little Kamper refills are much cheaper than disposable propane tanks.
  • It Reduces Waste – Re-using your Little Kamper is the green way to cook outdoors.
  • It Helps Our Parks – throw-away propane tanks are a big problem at campsite trash bins.



How Does The Little Kamper Work?

Unlike a disposable propane tank, the Little Kamper has all of the design features necessary to be safely refilled by propane professionals. You purchase the Little Kamper pre-filled and ready to go.

Use the Little Kamper until it runs out and then bring it back to an authorized Little Kamper retailer for an exchange. It’s the financially intelligent and environmentally conscientious way to cook outdoors!

  • The Little Kamper is DOT certified for 12 years – 12 years of camping, tailgating and savings!
  • Buy 2-3 so you’ll never run out of propane – an extra tank can easily pay for itself in time.
  • Stop throwing away propane tanks – you’ll reduce the trash in our parks with every re-use!

The Little Kamper is certified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) as a refillable propane container. It has the necessary safety features to be refilled hundreds of times by a qualified propane technician. When you purchase Little Kamper cylinders, you will be able to exchange them when they are empty for full cylinders at any participating Little Kamper retailer.



Why Should You Buy a Little Kamper Refillable Propane Cylinder?

It’s simple. Propane is by far the most popular choice for cooking outdoors. It’s easier and cleaner than charcoal. It’s safer and easier than white gas.

The problem is the throw-away 1lb propane cylinder. The popularity of propane as a camping and tailgate party fuel has resulted in an enormous amount of disposable cylinders being left in trash containers at our parks and recreation facilities. In California, we spend so many days every year visiting our Local, Regional, State and National parks that the disposal of 1lb propane tanks has become a significant problem.

Kamps Propane is a California-based, family-owned company. Our founder, John Kamps, is an avid outdoorsman who is dedicated to the preservation of America’s natural spaces. Kamps Propane is underwriting the cost of introducing the Little Kamper refillable propane cylinder as a way of taking an active role in reducing the negative impact of these disposable propane tanks. We believe that our customers will gladly choose a reusable propane tank when offered the opportunity.