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1lb propane tank exchange.

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                                  The Village Store in

                             Yosemite National Park




Say YES to Little Kamper 1lb propane tank exchange for your hardware, sporting goods, or grocery store.

Help your customers and the planet!

Little Kamper zero-waste propane tank exchange

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What is The Portable Propane Tank Exchange?

It’s the zero-waste future of 1lb tanks.    Buy it, use it, and exchange it!

The Truth About Disposable Tanks

Please read this before you buy another dark green propane tank.

This Works With That!

Spoiler alert! The Little Kamper works with your portable (1lb) propane appliances. 

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Our innovative program will help you bring in new customers AND bring them back!

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The Future of Portable Propane is HERE!

Zero-waste portable propane tank exchange

Buy it, Use it, and Exchange it!

Most Americans use BBQ tank exchange when they need more propane. This is the same solution, with a smaller tank. Help us keep our parks and campgrounds clean with Little Kamper tank exchange! 

It's Not Just About Camping

For some people, portable tanks fuel their heaters when the weather gets cold. For others, it’s how they fuel their pre-game tailgate party. No matter how you use your propane, our exchange program reduces tank waste.

Help Us Grow!

If you have a favorite local store where you buy your propane, use our store referral form and we’ll recruit them to join our network of retailers! If they get on board, we’ll send you a gift!

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