Little Kamper Basics

You’re busy – we get it. Here’s the important information you need to make an eco-friendly decision about your propane use.

It all starts with the tanks. Discarded disposable tanks become hazardous waste. We offer the zero-waste alternative.

Portable Propane Tank Exchange. 


What’s to Know

The Tank

It’s reusable for up to 12 years of zero-waste adventures.

The Process

Just like your BBQ tank. Buy, use, exchange and reuse. 

The Future

Imagine the simple beauty of not creating hazardous waste.

                Portable Propane Tank Exchange is as easy as 1-2-3

1.  You visit a Little Kamper retailer and purchase pre-filled Little Kampers for your outdoor adventures.

2.  You go to your favorite outdoor places, cooking great meals and having fun using your propane BBQ, stove, lantern, etc.

3.  You bring your empty Little Kampers back to your Little Kamper retailer to exchange your empty tanks for full replacements.

What Do You Need to Know About Our Little Kamper Tank?

  • It’s Safety Tested and Approved by the DOT as a refillable 1lb propane cylinder.
  • It works for all 1lb propane devices – your stove, BBQ, lantern, heater – you name it.
  • It’s Built to Last with a brass valve, steel foot ring and safety cap.
  • It’s Bright Green – and the zero-waste alternative to disposable tanks!
  • It’s Easy – the Little Kamper process is buy it, use it, exchange it, reuse it!
  • The Little Kamper is sold pre-filled, safety-checked, and ready to use.
  • You never throw the Little Kamper away so it helps reduce waste.

Become a part of the next generation of outdoors enthusiasts who intentionally choose products to reduce waste. Your friends will be impressed and the park  rangers will truly appreciate your thoughtful care for our outdoor spaces!

Please help us keep our parks clean.

Choose to reuse with the Little Kamper!

Our zero-waste tank exchange will reduce the hazardous waste from dark green tanks.

Propane Fast Facts


Eco-Friendly Fuel

Propane is exceptional fuel for fun outdoors – it’s non-toxic and cannot contaminate soil or water.


Ready When You Need It

Your propane is stable inside of the tank so you can store it for the next trip – even if that trip is years away!


Safe Storage Is Critical

The pressure inside of a propane tank increases when temperatures rise. Don’t store a propane tank inside of a car when it’s hot outside. 


Understanding Propane Vapor

Liquid propane vaporizes at 270x its’ volume into propane gas so a little goes a long way. Propane vapor is heavier than air so it can collect in low-lying areas – don’t store propane in your basement!

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