Portable Propane Tank Exchange by Little Kamper

Portable propane tank exchange is the sustainable way to buy 1lb propane tanks for portable BBQ’s, camp stoves, and other propane-fueled devices.

What’s to Know

The Process

Buy, use, and exchange.            Just like your 20lb BBQ tank.

The Tank

It’s reusable for up to 12 years of zero-waste adventures.
A giant bag of dark green 1lb propane tanks that were left in Yosemite National Park.

The Future

Portable propane tank exchange is the sustainable way to buy 1lb propane tanks

Portable Propane Tank Exchange = You + Little Kamper + Your Little Kamper Retailer = Zero Waste!

The Little Kamper Portable Propane Tank Exchange Process

1. Purchase pre-filled Little Kamper portable propane tanks at a local retailer.

2. Enjoy your outdoor time with your BBQ, stove, etc. but never throw away your Little Kamper!

3. Exchange your empty Little Kamper at a participating Little Kamper retailer for a pre-filled replacement. 

The purchase price includes your reusable Little Kamper tank, pre-filled and ready to use. The exchange price is discounted when you trade in your empty Little Kamper.

Our portable propane tank exchange reduces hazardous waste in campgrounds and parks.

Propane Recycling Facts


Millions discarded, many not empty

Too many 1lb propane tanks are discarded with unused fuel still inside.

Yes, hazardous waste

Liquid propane vaporizes into propane gas at 270x its liquid volume. That little tank holds a lot of propane gas, under pressure.

Recycling or landfill?

Proper recycling of propane tanks requires a system for recovering unused propane. Unfortunately, many tanks are simply diverted to landfills.

The materials aren't worth the effort

The unused fuel and scrap value of a discarded propane tank don’t cover the cost of proper recycling.

disposable tanks are manufactured every year

Were collected in yosemite in 2014

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