Retailer FAQ – Little Kamper LP

Can I become a Little Kamper retailer?

YES! We are actively recruiting retailers to become a part of our program. If your customers are interested in green products or they frequently purchase 1lb propane tanks you need to join our retailer program!

For more information about becoming a Little Kamper retailer, use our Retailer Inquiry Form.

Do Little Kamper stores collect deposits for the tanks?

They do not. Just like with BBQ tank exchange, we sell and exchange tanks. The customer does not submit a deposit and there is no cash value due to a customer if they want to return a tank without purchasing a replacement.

How does the exchange process work for retailers?

Little Kamper retailers receive shipments in cases of 12 cylinders. The same box is used for return shipments of empty Little Kampers from exchange transactions. Little Kamper retailers are credited for their exchange tanks to offset the difference between a purchase and an exchange transaction. 

How do the cylinders get delivered?

Federal law prohibits the air shipment of propane so we partnered with FedEx Ground to ship our tanks. The good news is that ground shipping is remarkably fast and reasonably priced to help us keep our prices as low as possible. 

How many times can a Little Kamper be reused?


First of all, don’t worry about it – that’s our problem. We retire old cylinders when you exchange them so you won’t get stuck with aged-out tank.  

Having said that, the Little Kamper is DOT certified for a 12 year service period from the date of manufacturing. Unless the tank is subject to unusual wear and tear, there is no limit to the number of times it can be re-used in that period. If you buy 2 Little Kampers and use them 5 times a year for 10 years, you’ll get 49 refills out of each. That’s a lot of tanks that won’t be ending up in a landfill or left in a park!

Can we refill the tanks in our stores?

The best part of our retail program is that we handle all of the dull, dirty, and dangerous work for you. Refilling propane tanks requires certified training, a safe place to do the job, and personal protective equipment to prevent accidents from becoming injuries. We have trained people using an automated system in a safe place so you can focus on helping your customers! 

May I buy a Little Kamper refill valve?

We do not sell the equipment required to refill a Little Kamper.  Our program uses a state-of-the-art automated production system to precisely fill each Little Kamper and then leak-test the valve so that we can be confident that every tank is properly filled and safe to use. Refilling the tanks with a manual device is imprecise and hazardous (we know all about that way of filling the tanks). We don’t recommend it and with our program, you don’t need to refill tanks.

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