The Little Kamper Propane Tank


Small. Bright green. Built to be sustainable with safety features to endure a 12-year service life.
Little Kamper zero-waste propane tank exchange

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Safety Features

Superior design makes the Little Kamper sustainable

Comparison Chart

See how the Little Kamper compares to a dark green tank


Will the Little Kamper get along with your propane gear?
The Safety Features of a Little Kamper 1lb Propane Tank

1. US-DOT certified as a refillable cylinder with a 12 year service period. UL1769 listed. 

2. High grade steel cylinder and foot ring construction – x-ray and hydro-static tested.

3. Patented brass valve construction with liquid level indicator AND pressure relief valves.

4. Powder-coated finish for durability.


We Dare to Compare


Go ahead - Upgrade!

Our tank is made stronger to last longer – so it does cost more.

Brass to Last

Our valve outshines the competition in both design and materials. We win!

Bright Green

You can’t mistake us for the throw-away tank. We almost glow in the dark. Almost.

Don't Be Afraid to Care

Using sustainable products shows you care about the environment. Do it!
Compare the Little Kamper to Dark Green Disposable Tanks

The MSRP for a Little Kamper Purchase

disposable tanks manufactured last year

Compatibility for Your Gear

So if you are like us, you already have a collection of tried and true propane-fueled devices that you don’t want to replace. Here’s what you need to know!

Short and simple.

If your device was built to run on a 1lb cylinder, it can run on a Little Kamper.

Here are a list of appliances by type that we’ve connected and tested to verify that you can upgrade to the Little Kamper and never look back.

Camping and Cooking Equipment

Portable BBQ’s

Camp Stoves



Lawn and Garden Equipment

String trimmers

Leaf blowers

Weed Burners

Workbench Equipment

Brazing torches

Soldering torches